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If you need the assistance of trustable amusement park accident lawyers, at the Lluis Law firm we can help you. California has some of the best and most visited theme parks in the United States. That is why it is not surprising that accidents occur every year with seriously injured people who require compensation.

Despite the internal safety regulations and the laws that regulate their operation, accidents continue to occur in these parks. The responsibility of offering reasonably safe facilities and attractions is not always guaranteed by owners, manufacturers and operators.

In case of an accident at an amusement park in Los Angeles, you may be entitled to compensation. To file a negligence claim against a company, you need an expert and capable legal representation.

Our personal injury lawyers can provide it. Among other things, because we have over 40 years of experience dealing with these cases and winning litigation for our clients.

The best amusement park accident lawyers in Los Angeles, California

California amusement parks (mechanical or water) are places of fun and joy. But at any time they can be transformed into gloomy and sad places. Sometimes serious accidents occur with injured or even dead people.

In situations of pain and grief, it is where more than ever the support of an accident lawyer is required. To fight for compensation to solve the situation from a financial point of view, it is necessary to use it thoroughly.

lawsuits against fairs and amusement parks

Amusement park accident lawyers protect the rights of victims. They often have to face the powerful companies in the entertainment industry.

A lawsuit against an amusement park can be overwhelming and frustrating, because it involves important branches of law. On the one hand, the responsibility of premises, that is, the duty to keep the parks in perfect working order. On the other, product liability and California personal injury law.

In addition, the counterpart in a personal injury trial in an amusement park is not easy. These are very powerful companies with enough financial muscle to hire good defenses and not pay or recognize damages. For victims of serious or catastrophic injuries, facing such counterparts alone is a real challenge.

Who could be found guility for an accident in an amusement park?

Accidents at amusement parks are mainly caused due to the negligence of the company itself, employees or related parties. Negligence arises by not sufficiently guaranteeing security to its clients within its facilities. It is based on the premise that the use and operation of mechanical equipment or swimming pools is safe.

In an accident with personal or catastrophic injuries, the responsibility may fall on one or several parties:

  • Park owner.
  • Park employees.
  • Manufacturer of equipment or mechanical games (defective equipment).

So the responsibility can be shared. Sometimes the personal injury lawyer may discover more than one party responsible, partially or totally. The person responsible must then pay the victim compensation for damages. If the person dies then it is their relatives who could claim damages.

catastrophic injury lawyers

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What can a fun park accident lawyer do?

The lawyer is key to increasing the chances of getting compensation for an accident at an amusement park. Its work begins with an objective analysis of the case and an evaluation of the real possibilities of success.

After a free legal consultation, if the lawyer decides to take the case, he begins an independent investigation. This is necessary to gather sensitive information about the accident. For example, police reports, doctors, witness statements, photos and videos of the accident scene.

In addition, it seeks the opinion of experts in these types of accidents to substantiate the case. In a fun park accident it is very important to save the entrance ticket to the park. The ticket or any other admission test constitutes the evidence of having been there and being a customer of the establishment.

view from an amusement park

Another important element is the testimony of the victim itself. Therefore, this testimony must always be left in writing or recorded immediately after the accident. This prevents important case data from being erased from the memory or not named in the lawsuit.

When the case is built with sufficient support and legal arguments, the lawyer files the claim. The lawyer acts on behalf of the client so the victim does not have to worry about administrative proceedings.

Nor do you have to wear out fighting with the insurance company of the other party or with their lawyers. In the claim for damages, the lawyer clearly states his legal arguments and identifies the person responsible. At the same time, he will justify the amount of compensation you are claiming to compensate for the damage caused to the victim.

Compensation for an accident in an amusement park

The damages that can be recovered after an accident in an amusement park are several and include:

  • Hospitalization medical expenses, specialized exams, surgeries, medicines and medical supplies, among others.
  • Pain and suffering both physical and mental.
  • Disfigurement.
  • Loss of wages and inability to generate profit.
  • Loss of company and quality of life.
  • Wrongful Death.

When it is shown that in the accident the responsible party acted with malice, you can try to recover punitive damages as well.

Common injuries at the amusement park

Amusement park accidents often leave various types of injuries, the most frequent being:

  • Brain Trauma (TBI).
  • Head, neck, back and spine injuries.
  • Broken bones.
  • Wounds and lacerations.
  • Whiplash.
  • Motion sickness along with nausea and dizziness.
  • Tearing of ligaments.
  • Drowning.
  • Death.
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Types of amusement park accidents

amusement park accidents

These are some of the most common amusement park accidents in California:

  • Falls from heights.
  • Slips and falls.
  • Objects that fall and hit the user.
  • Machines that break.
  • Cars that get out of the lane and fall into the void.
  • Security devices that fail.
  • Cables that break and cause electrocution.
  • Drowning by immersion.
  • Crushing and hitting by heavy machinery.

Causes of accidents at amusement parks

It is the responsibility of the amusement park owners to carry out periodic inspections and maintenance on the premises. The equipment and machines in use must undergo daily checks to avoid accidents and tragedies. Likewise, the operators of the attractions must be properly trained so that they do not make fatal mistakes.

Some of the most frequent causes of accidents in amusement parks are:

Human error. For different reasons, the machine operator may neglect, not sufficiently secure the user, abruptly stop the machine, not correctly observe the safety regulations of the equipment or overload the equipment. Another common one is to not fasten properly the seat belt to passengers, especially children.

Mechanical failures. Due to malfunction of brakes or safety mechanisms, parts that get stuck or cable breakage.

Structural failures. Due to corrosion some part of the equipment may break or give in.

Collisions. With structures or objects, other users or equipment.

Expulsions on the trip. Falling out of the car or equipment (swing, slide).

Poor design. There are equipment with design flaws that can be dangerous for users if proper precautions are not taken.

User Error. Some equipment may be harmful to people’s health due to pre-existing illnesses or because safety instructions are not followed correctly.

The use of certain mechanical attractions or interactive equipment and without age or size restrictions may represent a greater risk. For example, inflatables and water slides that can be used by children or adults.

When park employees are neglected or do not make proper use of the equipment, the risk of accident is greater.

Types of amusement parks

In California there is a wide range of amusement parks and theme parks. The amusement park means the following places:

  • State or county fairs (including carnivals).
  • Waterparks.
  • Theme parks (*).
  • Zoos and aquariums.
  • Parks of mechanical attractions.
  • Playgrounds for children in shopping centers, including parks with inflatables.
  • Boardwalks.

* In California the most important theme parks are:

  • Disneyland.
  • Disney California Adventure.
  • Universal Studios.
  • Pacific Park.
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
  • Legoland California.
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm.

What to do after an accident at an amusement park?

To file a claim against an amusement park, it is necessary to report the accident as soon as possible. If you suffer an injury while walking or using a mechanical device, you should consider the following.

  • Make sure the team operator and park manager are informed.
  • Take pictures of what caused the injury (defective equipment) and the injury itself. If you can also make videos of yourself and the people around you telling how the events happened.
  • Look for personal data of the eyewitnesses of the fact that can confirm the accident.
  • Ask the park manager for immediate medical attention and if you can call 911 to report the accident.
  • Keep medical reports, bills and other documents related to the accident.
  • Keep track of days and wages lost due to inability to work.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer experienced in amusement park accidents.

Remember that if you need help filing a claim or lawsuit against an amusement park or fair, just call our amusement park accident lawyers. You can also visit our offices right in the center of Los Angeles. We will clarify all your doubts about the case and offer you an alternative to solve your situation.

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